Como Podiatry
Como Podiatry

Looking after your health from the feet up!



Our Services

General nail, corn & callous treatment
Cracked heels
Nail surgery
Ingrown toenails
Nail and skin infections eg. Verrucae (warts) & tinea or nail fungus
Diabetic assessments
Diabetic wound care and management
Foot deformities eg. bunions, clawed toes, hammer toes 


Children's Conditions

Flat Feet/High Arch Feet
In-toeing (pigeon toed)
Osgood-Schlatters & Sever's Condition 


Biomechanical Issues / Overuse Injuries / Sports Podiatry

Flat feet (pronated) & High Arch Feet (supinated) foot types
Orthotic therapy: custom made and off-the-shelf
Heel pain (plantar fasciitis/heel spurs), midfoot and forefoot pain (metatarsalgia)
Achilles Tendinopathy
Nerve compressions (neuroma)
Ankle & Foot instability
Knee pain
Shin pain/Shin splints