Como Podiatry
Como Podiatry

Looking after your health from the feet up!


Problems with your feet? See the professionals at Como Podiatry.


Our podiatrists are experts in diagnosing and correcting foot problems of all kinds.
Your feet can affect the alignment of the rest of your body causing pain in the knees, legs, hips and back. Your feet can also be the cause of chronic pain throughout the body and may even cause headaches.
 Our aim is to help you find relief from pain and maintain foot health.


Professional and experienced, we diagnose and treat a whole range of foot problems.

Everything from heel and arch pain to flat feet, custom-made and off-the-shelf orthotics, corns, warts, or general toenail treatments, we have an affordable option for you.

Our clinic uses the latest research and aims to ensure a first-rate service to all our clients who include the elderly, adults, children, sportspeople and Veterans Affairs clients.
The team at Como Podiatry are registered with the Western Australian Podiatry Board, fully qualified and regularly undertake ongoing professional development.


“Your feet are important to us. Call us today on 9450 6200 to find out how we can help”